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PROJECT 6- The Origins of Food

Primary 6

Hi everybody! Choose your favourite food and find out about its origins. You can use magazines, reference books, internet. Bring your work to Thursday lesson.



Primary 4 and 5

This week topic is Night Animals.
You have learnt about them. Tell me your favourites.


Early Years

Enjoy with Five hungry crocodiles

Primary 1 and 2

On line Story Clyde´s Smile

PROJECT 5 – Find out about an invention-

Primary 6

Think about an invention. Draw and write a comic about the invention you have chosen.
You can use books, magazines or the internet to prepare your project.
Then go to comments and answer these questions:
1.-What´s your invention?
2.-What´s the inventor´s name?
3.-What nationality is he/she?
4.-When did he/she invent it?


All levels

Interesting! Reading about your favourite languages I was surprised with some of your choices. I like your designs and your work looking for information in the web.

PROJECT 4 – School exchange –

Primary 6

Well done! I got your e-mails on time and it was a good job.

ACTIVITIES: Project 4 and Portfolio

It´s time for a new project – Primary 6
Write an e-mail introducing yourself ( name, age, place of birth, family members, likes and dislikes…). Send the e-mail to
To: You can use your penfriends´names
Subject: School exchange

Portfolio activities – All Levels
Think about a language you would like to learn and Why. Look for information about the language and the country or countries where this language is spoken. Make a project with the information.