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DRAMA – The lion and the mouse

Hi children,
Welcome back to the third and last term.
While you are memorizing and rehearsing the play, I suggest to you these entertaining activities:
Listen and enjoy the Story

DRAMA – The lion and the mouse

Now, let´s act it out!

The lion and the mouse is an Aesop Fable . Fables teach a lesson or moral. This story teaches how we can help each other no matter how we are.
We have to work hard learning the dialogues and decorating the stage. By the end of the school year we will perform the play in our class and we will record a short video to show you all.

DRAMA – Little Tommy Drew

Australia has mining activity in all of its states and territories. Large quantities of minerals and resources are extrated from Australia’s landscape. This Australian rhyme is about a miner: Little Tommy Drew.

DRAMA – Winter Rhyme

During January we have been learning a new rhyme about winter. Click here to have a look.

DRAMA – A Christmas Story

The first term is over and Christmas is here. We have had a really busy time decorating the school, learning Christmas Carols and getting ready for the Christmas Festival. We have performed a play about Christmas: ” A CHRISTMAS PLAY “. We studied hard but, at last, it was a success.

DRAMA – A Halloween Play

Winter is here and we have had an autumn term full of activities. We celebrated a Halloween Party with fancy-dresses, songs and a halloween play:
We learnt this MAGIC SPELL. Here you can have a look to some photographs.
We also cooked Pumpkin marmalade to eat during the party. Here you have the recipe

DRAMA – Peter, Peter…

Peter, Peter the Pumpkin-Eater is a popular nursery rhyme to practice letter P (Peter & pumpkin), focus on pumpkins and autumn harvest theme, or for Halloween celebrations.
The lyrics of this nursery rhyme are not based in Europe, but in America. This rhyme is known of by British children but is only in recent years that it has become clear exactly what a pumpkin is!