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Hi children!
I´m sure you feel really happy with your holidays. Probably you are in the swimming pool now, riding a bike, running in Peñueco, reading a book or …playing with your Play Station or computer. I wish you a wonderful summer time. Remember you can enjoy your time reading books too and singing Lemon Tree the song we listened last week from Isabel Perez´s Blog. By the way, thanks Isabel and happy holidays too!!
See you next September!


On Friday 22nd was the last day of school. The day before we celebrated a festival in Viguera with all our pupils from the five villages. We spent a wonderful time there! . On friday I went just with my pupils to a marvellous place near the village and we improvised an open air theatre to perform the play The Lion and the Mouse


Finally, during this cultural week our pupils have been working on different topics and subjects in relation with the English life and culture, such as: sports, festivals, famous people, weather, currancy, London…They have been working in groups in the different schools: Viguera, Medrano and Entrena. Here you can have a look to some projects they made with my colleagues Ana de La Hera and Sergio Nevot and with me.
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Ana de la Hera, my colleague was cooking a nice recipe too: Muffins!, in the school of Medrano. She had a great help, Paz, the class teacher who is a wonderful cooker. Have a look to the Muffins, really tasty!.