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DRAMA – The lion and the mouse

Now, let´s act it out!

The lion and the mouse is an Aesop Fable . Fables teach a lesson or moral. This story teaches how we can help each other no matter how we are.
We have to work hard learning the dialogues and decorating the stage. By the end of the school year we will perform the play in our class and we will record a short video to show you all.

ART – Patchwork

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Patchwork fun!
Do you know what a quilt is? and… What does patchwork mean?
Well, to answer these questions I invited Julia Baigorri to our class. Julia is a teacher of english, a poet and she loves patchwork. She is really a wonderful woman!
She told the children the origins of patchwork. Its way from the Near East to Europe and then to America. The lifestyle of the pioneers who settled in the west and their lives in the new frontier. They reviwed and learn words from many topics. They spent a happy time with her. The idea now is to sew a patchwork heart to present on Mother´s Day. The heart design has been made by Mª Jesús a patchwork artist and teacher from Logroño.
Many thanks to you both!!

ART – Pottery

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Have a look to this book. Here you can see some of the works children made with clay. There were more!!

ART – Pottery

Hola niños y Rosa. Saludos y deciros que me encantó conoceros. Espero que lo que hicisteis lo esteis pintando y os quede estupendo. Os mando una foto, muchos saludos y hasta pronto.
Carmen Guinea

This is Carmen´s e-mail and picture.
We really had a good time and now we are painting and decorating the things we made. Thanks again!!

ART – Pottery

Yesterday we spent a wonderful afternoon with Carmen.
Carmen is a potter from Logroño. She is very kind and she came to teach us some pottery techniques. Everybody was delighted and we learnt a lot.
She had another surprise for us. She has just arrived from a trip to India, so she showed us some coins and some pottery.
Thank you very much Carmen. You are really a good teacher!

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ART – Pottery

NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN ART is the art produced by the first americans and their descendants.
We are going to learn about their pottery and to colour a very famous Mimbres Bowl.

The Mimbres were a small clan who inhabited the desert valleys of what is today southwestern New Mexico from 1000 to 1150 A.D. This ceramic bowl has got double sheep motif and it was made by the Mimbres culture of New Mexico A.D. 1100. This bowl was featured on a US postage stamp issued on August 21, 2004.

ART – Aboriginal Art

Here, you can admire my pupil´s works based on the aboriginal painting techniques.

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