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Today is Pancake Day and we have cooked some in our class. Here you can have a look to the picture slide and the recipe with the chant we are learning at the moment.

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Last week Ana Stockermans gave us some porridge recipe to cook together in our Early Years class. She suggested an excellent porridge with milk, apples and oats. Look at them ready to start with the recipe. Sweet! Thanks Ana!

ART – Aboriginal Art

This term we are going to learn about Artists and Art.
We will have a look to different Artists from English-Speaking Countries such as North America, Canada, Australia, Ireland and U.K.
Have you ever heard about Aborigines? They were the first human inhabitants of the Australian continent and its nearby islands and they have got an interesting Aboriginal culture and heritage including indigenous art. Aboriginals left their handprints on the walls of caves.
  1. So we will make an aboriginal style hand print.
  2. We will practice the Aboriginal Dot Art.
  3. And we will make an activity based on Australian Aboriginal X-ray style of painting.
We will use reds, browns, oranges, yellows and occasionally Green.
Come on! Let´s get to work!

DRAMA – Little Tommy Drew

Australia has mining activity in all of its states and territories. Large quantities of minerals and resources are extrated from Australia’s landscape. This Australian rhyme is about a miner: Little Tommy Drew.


Australians have a national holiday every January 26th to remember their origins.
On January 26, 1788, a fleet of ships landed at what is now Sydney, Australia. These ships were under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip .
To celebrate this day we are going to read about Australia and complete the activities I have prepared for you.
Let me give my regards to Charo. She is in Australia at the moment. Hi Charo! We remember you and be sure we are going to learn a lot about the place where you are living now. Have a nice time and good luck!

DRAMA – Winter Rhyme

During January we have been learning a new rhyme about winter. Click here to have a look.