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DRAMA – Peter, Peter…

Peter, Peter the Pumpkin-Eater is a popular nursery rhyme to practice letter P (Peter & pumpkin), focus on pumpkins and autumn harvest theme, or for Halloween celebrations.
The lyrics of this nursery rhyme are not based in Europe, but in America. This rhyme is known of by British children but is only in recent years that it has become clear exactly what a pumpkin is!

ART – Colour Theory

Autumn (Fall in North American English) is one of the four seasons, the transition from summer into winter. It is the season during which most crops are harvested and some trees lose their leaves. Days get shorter and cooler and the nights get longer. The green palette of summer foliage is transformed into the vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns before the leaves fall off the trees.
It would be a good idea to decorate our classroom with the Autumn colors. I have already printed some autumn coloring pages so you can put into practice everything you have learnt about colours.