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Primary 3 to 6

No one can agree on the exact origin of ‘April Fool’s Day.’ Most people believe that the origin of April Fools originated in France. Before the use of the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s celebrations were on April 1st. New Year’s Day was changed to January 1st and those who still celebrated it on April 1st were called April fools and played tricks on them.
And now enjoy with these on-line games:
Word Search
Word Scramble Puzzle



Primary 4 and 5

This week topic is Night Animals.
You have learnt about them. Tell me your favourites.


Early Years

Enjoy with Five hungry crocodiles

Primary 1 and 2

On line Story Clyde´s Smile


On Friday 17th we were talking about St. Patrick, Ireland and Irish symbols for this celebration. We made crafts and we decorated our notebooks and our classroom with shamrocks and leprechauns.


All levels

Tomorrow is March 17, St. Patrick´s Day. It´s an important day in Ireland and in USA too. We will celebrate the festival in our class.
You can enjoy this day playing on-line games
Early Years – Colour the Leprechaun
Primary 1&2 – Help the leprechaun find the shamrock
Primary 3&4 – Tic Tac Toe the Leprechaun
Primary 5&6 – Word search puzzle

To know more about St. Patrick´s Day English or SpanishHave a nice St. Patrick´s Day!!
Don´t forget to wear something….GREEN!


Primary 4 and 5

We have read about some celebrations
in UK. Go to comments and answer
the questions:

What is your favourite celebration ?
Which one is similar in Spain?

PROJECT 5 – Find out about an invention-

Primary 6

Think about an invention. Draw and write a comic about the invention you have chosen.
You can use books, magazines or the internet to prepare your project.
Then go to comments and answer these questions:
1.-What´s your invention?
2.-What´s the inventor´s name?
3.-What nationality is he/she?
4.-When did he/she invent it?