You can choose a game depending of your level and enjoy with this song



Just two weeks for  the Christmas Festival!. Be ready to learn the carols you will sing there:

O Christmas Tree

Ring, ring, ring the Bells


asan6x1Just two weeks to celebrate our Christmas Festival!. Be ready to learn the songs you will sing there:

O Christmas Tree

Ring, ring, ring the bells


This week we are celebrating Halloween. To enjoy at home you can watch these videos and check the words we have learnt in the school.


Youssra and Borja are in Primary 1. This game can help them to number, counting fishies. Click COUNT FISHIES on-line game

José and Ivo from Primary 3 can enjoy with this NUT HUNT with Sally Squirrel

Mariam and Cristina from Primary 5 can unscramble some words and learn the meaning click BEAT THE HEAT

An all of you can listen to the story MY SCHOOL


This september I have started to teach in one of our schools located in a small village called SORZANO. We have just seven pupils there and I go three days a week to teach them English. Their names are Cristina, Marian, Ivo, José, Youssra, Borja and Rahal. Cristina came form Romania, Marian from Bulgaria, Ivo and José are from Portugal, Youssra and Rahal from Morocco and Borja from Sorzano (Spain). It´s really an interesting group and I enjoy a lot with them.
I have been thinking about the blog and I have decided to post vocabulary games, on-line activities, stories …. related to topics and grammar they learn from the text books.
I will write in English or Spanish depending the instructions I will give to my pupils.

WELCOME BACK! School Year 2008-2009

After a year away from my blogs, I´m ready to start with new projects. I´m still working in CRA Moncalvillo and I would like to share with you, teachers, and with my pupils all the experiences teaching English and Art during this school year 2008-2009. I was posting during two years in my blog The English e-corner with Blogspot, but I had some technical problems that I couldn´t solve, so I tried to import everything from there to this new blog; I´m on the way yet!!

So Welcome back !!